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Recent Photographs of Brompton Cemetery's 28 Grade II and II* Listed Monuments

Chelsea Pensioners

ANTHONY of Sourozh (1914-2003) Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church (45)
BANCROFT, Sir Squire (1841-1926) Actor-manager (2)
BANTING, William (1797-1878) Undertaker & dieting pioneer (19)
BONOMI, Joseph (1796-1878) Archaeologist & Egyptologist (22)
BORROW, George (1803-1881) Author & linguist (12)
CAFE, General William (1826-1906) VC won in Indian Mutiny (30)
CASSATI, Marchesa Luisa (1881-1957) Art collector & extravagant dresser (40)
COLE, Sir Henry (1808-1897) Instigator of Great Exhibition & V & A Museum (15)
COOMBES, Robert (1808-1860) Champion sculler on Thames & Tyne (49)
COURTOY, Hannah (1784-1849) Mysterious society woman with fabulous wealth (23)
CUNARD, Sir Samuel (1787-1865) Shipping owner (31)
FARMER, Corporal Joseph (1854-1930) VC won in First South African War (13)
FORTESCUE-BRICKDALE, Eleanor (1872-1945) Third generation Pre-Raphaelite painter (39)
FOWLER, Sir John (1817-1898) Engineer of Metropolitan Railway & Forth Bridge (47)
FREMANTLE, Admiral Sir Charles (1800-1869) Founder of Fremantle in Australia (37)
GLOVER, Brian (1934-1997) Actor (17)
GODWIN, George (1815-1888) Architect & editor of The Builder (24)
GOLDING, Dr. Benjamin (1793-1863) Founder of Charing Cross Hospital (4)
GUNTER, Robert (1783-1852) Market gardener & local housing developer (34)
HARRIS, Sir Augustus (1825-1873) Actor-manager (38)
HENTY, George (1832-1902) Novelist & journalist (29)
JACKSON, John (1769-1845) Pugilist (28)
LAMBERT, Constant (1905-1951) Composer & conductor (50)
LAMBERT, Percy (1881-1913) Motor racing record maker (46)
LEVIN, Bernard (1928-2004) Writer & critic (16)
LEYLAND, Frederick (1831-1892) Ship owner& art patron (25)
LOW, Major Archibald (1888-1956) Aviation designer (1)
MACCHETTA, Blanche Roosevelt (1858-1896) American singer & writer (44)
MAUDE, General Sir Frederick (1821-1907) VC won in Crimean War (14)
McDONALD, James (1843-1915) Co-founder of Standard Oil (10)
MELLON, Alfred (l820-1867) Violinist & musical director (21)
MONCKTON, Lionel (1862-1924) Musical comedy composer (42)
MURCHISON, Sir Roderick (1792-1871) Geologist (33)
NOBLE, Mathew (1818-1876) Sculptor (32)
NUTKINS : Family name used for a Beatrix Potter character (36)
PALLISER, Sir William (1830-1882) Gunnery inventor & Barons Court developer (11)
PANKHURST, Emmeline (1852-1928) Suffragette leader (5)
PRATTEN, Catherina (1821-1895) Composer & guitarist (41)
PRINSEP, Valentine (1838-1904) Painter (26)
RAWLINSON, Sir Robert (1819-1898) Civil & sanitary engineer (7)
SAWA, Archbishop (1898-1951) Polish Orthodox churchman (9)
SNOW, Dr. John (1813-1858) Pioneer anaesthetist & cholera cause discoverer (3)
SOTHEBY, Samuel Leigh (1805-1868) Auctioneer (48)
TAUBER, Richard (1891-1948) Singer & operetta composer (8)
THOMAS, Walter Brandon (1850-1914) Actor, playwright & author of Charley's Aunt (43)
WARNEFORD, Sub. Lt. Reginald (1891-1915) VC winner & Zeppelin destroyer (35)
WEBSTER, Benjamin (1797-1882) Actor-manager & founder of RADA (27)

WISDEN, John (1826-1884) Champion cricketer & founder of Wisden's Almanack (18)

Guards' monument
Courtoy monument
Glover monument
Sotheby monument
Wisden monument
Brigade of Guards

Brompton Cemetery is a Grade I Listed site in the national Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. The Chapel, the colonnades, and the gate and screens on Old Brompton Road are all Grade II* Listed, while the gates and screen on Fulham Road at Grade II. The Chelsea Pensioners' Monument, the Guards' Memorial and 25 individual monuments are Grade II and one, the chest tomb of the ship builder and art patron Frederick Leyland by Edward Burne-Jones, is Grade II*. The 28 Listed monuments and mausolea are:

Chelsea Pensioners' Monument (Grade II)
Guards' Memorial (Grade II)
Tomb of Emily Adney Bond (Grade II)
Tomb of Joseph Bonomi (Grade II)
Tomb of Peter Borthwick & family (Grade II)
Brass family tomb (Grade II)
Burnside monument (Grade II)
Clement family tomb (Grade II)
Tomb of Robert Coombes (Grade II)
Tomb of Herbert Fitch (Grade II)
Tomb of George Godwin (Grade II)
Tomb of Benjamin Golding (Grade II)
Tomb of John Jackson (Grade II)
Tomb of Percy Lambert (Grade II)
Mausoleum of Harvey Lewis (Grade II)
Tomb of Frederick R. Leyland (Grade II*)
Tomb of Blanche Roosevelt Macchetta (Grade II)
Mausoleum of James McDonald (Grade II)
Tomb of Alfred Mellon (Grade II)
Mausoleum of Colonel William Meyrick (Grade II)
Tomb of Elizabeth Moffat (Grade II)
Tomb of Philip Nowel (Grade II)
Tomb of Emmeline Pankhurst (Grade II)
Tomb of Henry Pettit (Grade II)
Tomb Chest of Valentine Cameron Prinsep (Grade II)
Tomb of Barbe Maria Theresa Sangiorgi (Grade II)
Monument to Samuel Leigh Sotheby (Grade II)
Tomb of Flight Sub Lieutenant Reginald Warneford VC (Grade II)

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